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C. Beck is a portrait of the artist, Charles Beck, created by Deb Wallwork and Mike Hazard.

We see Beck at work in his studio in Fergus Falls, Minnesota and painting in the countryside nearby. He speaks about the patterns of nature, the beauty of art, and scavenging materials. We see Beck chopping wood, carving a woodblock for a new woodcut, and speaking about seeing things.

In the film he hangs a new print of a tulip´┐Ża subject he had never been interested in before--saying, "We just had a couple tulips out there that Joyce had gotten. I happened to look inside one and boy, it was like an art exhibit, just looking inside of a tulip. Just beautiful. Of course, I simplified it quite a bit."

This portrait has been created with support from Charles and Joyce Beck, James O'Rourke, Les Skoropat, Mark Strand, Jonathan Harper, Ken Friberg, Amy Sharpe, Bob Carls, Red Eye Video and Thom Tammaro.

Praises and Prizes

Grand Prize Winner of the Independent Lens Online Shorts Festival and nationally telecast on PBS by the Independent Television Service (ITVS)

"The video is a lovely rendering of Charlie's demeanor and temperament." --Thom Tammaro, writer

"It's beautiful. I envy you the ability to make a short and complete work like that." --George Stoney, filmmaker

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