A Man Writes to a Part of Himself

A documentary with the poet Robert Bly.


A Man Writes to a Part of Himself:
Robert Bly

A Man Writes to a Part of Himself features a choice selection of Robert Bly’s poetry and translations, mixed with conversation and scenes from his family farm and northern Minnesota retreat. Bly talks about his boyhood, his wanderings in New York City, his first attempts to write poetry and his eventual growth into one of America’s liveliest poets and essayists. Narrated by the late poet Thomas McGrath and created by Greg Pratt and Mike Hazard, the program explores male/female relationships, the Vietnam War and the importance of fairy tales. It is stimulating for high school audiences and older.

Prizes & Praise

Gold Hugo, Chicago Film Festival Merit Award, Athens Video Festival INPUT, Milan

"...amusing, provocative, and moving ...A Man Writes to a Part of Himself is the best thing of its kind I have ever seen." -- Don Morrison, Minneapolis Star Tribune

For more about Robert Bly, go to his own website.

You may also see and hear Bly in our films on Issa, Frederick Manfred, Peace Works, A Sampler of Minnesota Poets and Eugene McCarthy.

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You ask what makes me sigh, old friend,
What makes me shudder so?
I shudder and I sigh to think
that even Cicero
and many-minded Homer were
Mad as the mist and the snow.

William Butler Yeats, as recited by Robert Bly in our film

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